Sample Report

We pride ourselves on providing quick background checks without compromising accuracy and professionalism.


For just $99 and usually in as little as 15 minutes we will provide you with a reasonably detailed background report.

Though this is done very fast we still make sure we provide you with the right information. At no point do we sacrifice professionalism for speed.

Please note that the quick check report will include the following info and more ….Sample Report


If you need a more detailed background check, contact us and we will give you a quote and a timeframe of delivery!

Our professional and highly trained team of private investigators will help you dig up information no matter how well hidden it is.

A more detailed check may take a longer time but we will help you get the needed information as soon as possible.

Just let us know what you are interested in finding out, we pride ourselves in uncovering hidden truths and exposing falsehood.